Welcome to PotatoCommerce - Magento Extensions Store

What kinds of service do PotatoCommerce provide?

The main focus of PotatoCommerce LP is delivering ready-made Magento extensions. We offer a variety of extensions-related services, see below for the details. Note that our services are only available for the PotatoCommerce products, we do not support any 3rd-party modules and do not provide support for the native Magento issues.


Basic services:

1. Information service is free and is available to anyone via our support system.
We do not answer questions regarding Magento core functionality or any third-party developments.

2. Technical Support service is provided via our support system software. Technical Support covers fixing post-installation issues which result from improper behavior of PotatoCommerce products.

Technical Support does not cover fixing conflicts with custom code in the core Magento files, conflicts with third-party products, conflicts with Magento versions which are not officially supported by a given version of the product, or issues resulting from custom modifications you might have introduced to our products. External conflicts can in most cases be resolved within the paid Customization service.

We reserve the right to decline any support request if you can't provide order information by our demand (for paid products only).
We reserve the right to decline any support request if you violated any other clause of agreement. 

Registering at our website your thereby confirms that you agree with our terms and conditions.
Downloading free products at Magento Connect your thereby confirms that you agree with our terms and conditions. 

Along with the fact that we are most eager to help our customers with whatever request they may have, it is important to point out that our company still has the limited scope of responsibility. In case your given request is not covered by our standard procedures, our customer service representatives may have to deny fulfilling your inquiry. 

Also, there is a set of requests that our customer service representatives are strictly prohibited to fulfill:

- requests that imply disclosing any personal data of our clients and employees;
- requests that imply any potential danger to the security of our webstore, any internal or public resources.