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Research with a performance and code quality review of most popular Magento themes.

Dear Magento community,

Please pay a couple of minutes on this article because we do believe that we can change the Magento ecosystem for the better and make it healthier.

As you know, we publish useful articles in our Blog, and we plan to conduct an unprecedented research with a performance and code quality comparison of most popular Magento themes. 

This research will cover:

  • • Performance comparison of themes
  • • Code quality of each theme
  • • Most problematic code parts
  • • Serviceability and other technical aspects

The dominance of low-quality themes for Magento on the websites of our customers (from the viewpoint of performance and quality of the code) motivated us to conduct this study. The current situation upsets not only us, but also Merchants — poor quality themes significantly increase maintenance costs.

We are sure that this study will help many merchants in choosing Magento theme for their websites. We don’t sell Magento themes, and we don’t plan to promote our partners who develop Magento themes  — we just want to conduct a fair study and share it with you.

Perhaps, this article will also help the theme developers to pay more attention not only to the number of modules and outer beauty of themes, but also pay attention to theme performance.

To carry out such a study, we need your help. We kindly ask you to send us an installation package of Magento theme which is used on your website to potatocommerce@gmail.com. We will select most popular themes and compare them. We guarantee that all themes will be used ONLY for the research. As you know, we don’t provide services of Magento and theme installation, or theme customization  —  it is simply not our focus of activity.

We are looking forward to your interest and your help in this unprecedented and very important project. Thank you for your attention.


Sincerely, PotatoCommerce team.