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PDF Customizer for Magento 2


Make beatiful PDF documents. Convert your HTML template to PDF template

  • Support of HTML and CSS
  • Bulk printing of orders/invoices/shipments/credit memos
  • Admin, customer and guest PDF templates
  • Free and lifetime support
  • Free installation service
Also available for Magento 1.

PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension

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  • PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension
  • PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension
  • PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension
  • PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension
  • PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension

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  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Lifetime free bugfixes
  • Quick and professional support

How PDF files are arranged in Magento 2?

By default, Zend_Pdf is used to create custom PDF templates. You should know that this is almost a challenge to create and include a new PDF template, as this requires knowledge of PHP and experience in development under Magento 2. To edit a template you need to write a PHP-script that includes commands with the exact coordinates (like “pen up → move to (x;y) → pen down → move to (x,y)”). There is no any markup, support of stylesheets or custom fonts; each element has its absolute independent positions, which makes the customization of native PDF files complex and time consuming.

Why to have custom PDF templates?

Besides, looking unappealing boring and inefficient, default templates are lack of such useful information such as logo, product images, product details, tax information, footer, company info etc. Pdf documents are part of your online business, so they must be of high quality and match your brand.


PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension is designed for easy and fast editing of any PDF invoices and other documents without any programming skills. Convert any HTML to PDF Magento templates! Along with CSS you get huge opportunities to create and modify attractive templates of printable pdf invoices, shipments and packing slips.

For example, you can add your site's logo, product image, terms of service, tax information, or any other custom information to a template. As well as with the help of CSS, you can quickly change colors, margins, background, etc.


Convert HTML to PDF

Our product utilizes Wkhtmltopdf library which makes PDF from HTML document. In addition, you can use CSS to easily apply colors, margins, and other styles to printable PDF documents. This provides unlimited flexibility and allows you to fulfill your design ideas.

Flexible templates for everyone

PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension allows printing not only PDF Magento templates for a custom invoice, shipment and credit memo, but also creating printable order confirmation. You can make a custom template for both admins and customers/guests. In other words, you can print pdf packing slips (order without invoice) which allows you to bypass native Magento workflow; It is required for offline orders management.

Bulk printing of documents

With PDF Customizer Magento 2 extension, a store administrator can print pdf at once for several orders from Sales → Orders, which greatly simplifies the management of orders. On top of that, you can even print orders of Pending status as packing slips.

Coming soon features

  • Select Google fonts for templates
  • Support of Bar-codes and QR-codes
  • Attach PDF files to sales emails
  • Display product images
  • Request a feature

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Magento CE2.1.x, 2.2.x
Magento EE2.1.x, 2.2.x
Compatible BrowsersChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8+


  1. Download the extension from your account.
  2. Extract the folder and copy it to the root directory of Magento 2 store
  3. In SSH console of your server navigate to your store root folder:
    cd path_to_the_store_root_folder
    php /bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. If you use Magento 2.1.х and above, then it is required to restart Magento compile command by using:
    php /bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  5. Go to Stores > Configuration > POTATOCOMMERCE > PDF Customizer, configure and enable the extension.

IMPORTANT! PDF Customizer extension uses wkhtmltopdf library to convert HTML to PDF. You need to choose one of the options:

  • Install wkhtmltopdf on your server
    In this case PDF files will be printed faster. It is especially important for bulk printing. Wkhtmltopdf installation guide is available on this page. It is also required to allow "exec" function.
    Our extension will check if the library is installed and if the extension can run "exec" function. It will let you know if something goes wrong.

  • Use PotatoCommerce PDF Service
    Often merchants are not allowed to install additional server software or change webserver settings. This may be due to restrictions from hosting or a system administrator. Many people also prefer not to allow the use of Exec function for security reasons. For these reasons we provide the ability to print files through our server, i.e. with the help of Wkhtmltopdf library installed on our server. This functionality is currently free, but we do not exclude that someday we will introduce limits and make the service paid.




Credit memo:

Additional directive: 'foreach'
{{foreach items}} {{/foreach}}

Variable 'item' is available inside the foreach directive.
Example: {{foreach creditmemo.getAllItems()}} {{var item.getQty()}} {{/foreach}}

Additional modificator 'integer' is also available. It is used to convert values to int type.

{{var item.getQty()}} returns string '1.0000'.
{{var item.getQty()|integer}} returns digit 1.


1.0.1 (18 September 2017)
* bugfix

1.0.0 (10 August 2017)
The initial release of the extension.


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