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Password Strength Meter


Password Strength Meter - Magento extension that can check if customer's password is strong enough. It displays hints and strength bar.

  • Validate password strength on the fly
  • Works both for customers and admins
  • "Show Password" checkbox
  • Set different password complexity for admins and customers
  • Forbid using name/email in passwords

Password Strength Meter - Magento extension that can check if customer's password is good enough.

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  • Validate password strength and suggest hints on-the-fly.
  • "Show Password" feature. No more typos!
  • Admin reset password form
  • Admin change password form
  • Customer change password form
  • Extension settings
  • Extension settings
  • Validate password on checkout
  • Change password in customer account
  • Reset customer's password

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  • 60-day money-back period
  • free updates
  • free bugfixes
  • free technical support

Password Strength Meter extension for Magento

Password strength meter extension for Magento helps customers to check if their password is strong enough. Colors can bring an information, that is why the extension displays hints and a block which visualize the password strength with an appropriate color (red > orange > yellow > green > dark green).

Both customer and admin passwords are supported. Moreover, you can set up different password validation settings for customers and store admin users.

Password Strength Meter

Why Magento stores need Password Strength Meter?

Password Strength Meter Magento Extension

Web shops are dealing with personal data, and sometimes even credit card details. Therefore, today requires from store owners to ensure the protection of the information received from the client.

You can not allow your customers to be reckless. Password strength meter extension provides useful tips, and helps users to create a secure password (if the current password is too simple). Password requirements appear on the fly so that customers don’t have to click on the “Register” button all the time to verify the registration form, thus making a sign-up process simpler and faster. Password Meter extension reminds customers about the importance of a strong and long password.

Extension Features

Checking password complexity

The administrator can change the requirements to passwords: the minimum password length, whether uppercase letters, numbers and special characters are required.

Forbid using parts of name/email in a password (NEW!)

It is necessary to care about complexity of customer and admin passwords. People often use a part of their email or name in their password which makes it easier for bots to hack this account.

Prompt tips on the fly

Customers/admin will not have to click on the submit button to confirm their password. All tips are appearing while typing.

Admin password support (NEW!)

Use password strength meter when admin password is being changed.

"Show password" checkbox

A customer/admin can view the password unmasked. This feature helps people to reduce typos.

Hide password confirmation field

This field is optional if the user has the ability to "Show password".

Supported storefront pages:

  1. Registration
  2. My Account > Change Password
  3. Checkout Registration
  4. Reset Password

Supported admin pages (NEW!)

  1. Create/Edit an Admin
  2. Reset password for an Admin
  3. Customer > Change Password

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Fraud Prevention extension for Magento helps to protect Magento from fraudulent orders.

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2 Reviews

Average rating

No more qwerty-passwords!

Posted by Helen on May 21, 2018
Excellent extensions, flexible settings, easy to install.
I am happy that our store became a more secure place because now customers can't create easy qwerty-passwords.

Wonderful tool

Posted by Rolf Nemetz on Jun 5, 2017
There can't be two opinions when it comes to importance of security - ecommerce stores *must* be secure. And this tool is really helpful and makes Magento a more secure platform.

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Magento CE1.5.*, 1.6.*, 1.7.*, 1.8.*, -, 1.9.3*
Magento EE1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.*, -, 1.14.3.*
Compatible BrowsersChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8+

Installation Guide

  1. We recommend you to backup your store before installation
  2. Go to magento admin and disable compilation (Systems > Tools > Compilation > 'Disable' button) and flush store cache (System > Cache Management > 'Flush Magento Cache' button)
  3. Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive.
  4. Copy the content of extracted folder to your store's root directory 
  5. Flush store cache again
  6. Log out from the backend and log in again.
  7. If you want to enable compilation, then you should run compilation process (Systems > Tools > Compilation > 'Run Compilation Process' button).
  8. Go to extension configuration (System > Configuration > PotatoCommerce Extension > Password Strength Meter ), enable and configure the extension
  9. Flush store cache again  


Q: After installing "Password Strength Meter " extension my store gives error or a blank page.
Go to Magento Backend, Flush Store Cache (System > Cache Management> 'Flush Magento Cache' button), Logout and Login again. 

Q: Is this extension compatible with SUPEE-6788 security patch?
 Yes, Password Strength Meter extension is compatible with this patch.

If FAQ did not help you, please, contact us with detailed information about your issue. 


  • 1.1.2 - 13 June 2018
    * fixed bug with password fieldn when edit admin user
  • 1.1.1 - 14 June 2017
    * bugfixes
  • 1.1.0 - 22 March 2017
    + Admin password support
    + Change customer's password in admin panel support
    + Ability to forbid using part of name/email in password 
  • 1.0.2 - 03 May 2016
    * bugfixes
  • 1.0.1 - 13 Aug 2015
    * bugfixes
  • 1.0.0 - 19 May 2015
    Initial release 
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