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New Relic alternative for Magento

Posted on 15 May 2017

Magento can be very intensive. Surely, 1 CPU core is not enough for Magento. But what when you have 4 or 8 cores, but CPU load is still high? How to understand when and why CPU and Memory load is high? Many merchants prefer NewRelic for this purpose.

However, NewRelic is a paid software. Its plans start from $10/mo, which makes at least $120 per year. And it's the cheapest and very limited NewRelic plan! NewRelic price can be about $200 per month!

That's why we developed Performance Monitoring extension for Magento. It has a fixed price ($49), there is no any hidden on monthly fees, which Makes Performance Monitoring Magento extension a more smart choice.

So, what you will receive with Performance Monitoring extension?

  1. View CPU and memory load history from Magento Admin
  2. Helps to sort out high load reasons
  3. View top web and system transactions
  4. Email Notification to admin
  5. Helpful in hardware analysis

Our company is focused on making solutions for Magento performance improvement, and Performance Monitoring extension for Magento is a perfect addition to the set of our solutions.

You can get Performance Monitoring free of charge if you buy both FPC and Compressor, OR performance optimization service.