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This Magento 2 extension is a bundle of 7 great features for Magento 2 which improve native Magento 2 checkout.


Magento 2 Mega Checkout extension


Improve your Magento 2 checkout

This Magento 2 extension is a bundle of 7 features which improve native checkout on Magento 2.

The checkout page is one of the most important parts of any ecommerce store. The effectiveness of the checkout is directly related to the percentage of abandoned cards and the percentage of completed orders. The more convenient the page of checkout for your users, the more money you can earn. Bad user experience negatively affects checkout conversion, that is why Magento 2 checkout requires a special attention.

With our "Mega Checkout" Magento 2 extension you can significantly reduce the number of people who leave your store at the most important stage. Moreover, thanks to Magento 2 checkout module you will be able to get more information about your customers, as well as increase loyalty.

Mega Checkout Magento 2 features

Google Address Autocomplete for Magento 2 checkout

Using Google Address Autocomplete on Magento 2 checkout allows users to speed up entering address data, and thereby simplify checkout process. When a user begins to enter their address in the Street Address field, our extension will use the Google Places API to display address hints. The user can continue to enter his address, or select one of the suggested addresses. When selecting an address from the list, Street Address, City, Country, State / Province and even Zip Code can be filled.

Delivery Date and Notice

Deliveries of goods are often couriered. However, we are not always at home. Users often want to inform a courier about the preferred delivery date and time. Or they want to inform the courier of other important information, for example how to find a house or an entrance.

Mega Checkout Magento 2 extension adds to Delivery Date and Delivery Notice options to Magento 2 checkout so users can provide an online store with delivery information without having to call or use a contact form.

Social Login for Magento 2

Most online shoppers register on a checkout. Using a login via facebook, Google or Twitter allows you to register on the online store in a couple of clicks. This is much more convenient than manually entering an email and a password.

Sometimes people forget their passwords. Some people don’t use "forgot password" feature and just stop using the service.

Benefits for online stores:

  • Improves user experience
  • Reduces the bounce rate on the checkout
  • The number of people who forgot the password is decreasing
  • The data entered by users is more trustworthy, since email and customer name are taken for example from Facebook, where people often use their primary email and real name.

Phone Mask for Magento 2

Users can make mistakes when entering a phone number. And it can be crucial for those online stores which contact customers after an order create to clarify the details of the order or offer him related products. An error in the phone number may result in cancellation of the order and lost money.

Phone mask is built into Mega Checkout by PotatoCommerce. It adds javascript library to Magento 2 checkout which helps users enter a phone number. For example, users do not need to enter a country code, and phone number separators will be added automatically.

Default Payment and Shipping Methods for Magento 2 checkout

You can configure Mega Checkout so that the most profitable method is chosen by default. Or it can be payment/shipping method which will be most convenient for your clients - you choose!

Hide unnecessary address fields on Magento 2 checkout

By default, there are fields which can be obsolete for your business. Do you really need “company” field on Magento 2 checkout if you sell clothes? You can also hide Street Address Line 2 field and phone number if you don’t need them. Or you can hide country selection if you don’t sell abroad.

Newsletter Subscription at Magento 2 checkout

When users register during a checkout (and in our experience this happens most often), Magento 2 does not let them to subscribe to the mailing list. As a result, the database for e-mailings has very few clients.

The solution is a Newsletter Subscription checkbox at Magento checkout.

This problem was with PotatoCommerce in 2014 when we started business - only a few were subscribed to our newsletter. When we added the "I agree to receive emails about PotatoCommerce news" checkbox to our checkout, we were surprised by the result - more than 50% of our customers choose to receive email newsletter.

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