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Magento Optimization & Performance Improvement Service

Each merchant knows for sure that load times take a toll on customers’ patience. So don’t make your customers wait!
Improve your Magento performance and let your business shine with our Magento Performance Improvement Service.

The service includes:
  • Installation of JS/CSS Compressor + Image Optimization extension (regular price $199)
  • Installation of Full Page Cache extension (regular price $99)
  • Installation of Performance Monitoring extension (regular price $49)
  • Qualified configuration of these extensions
  • Server tweaks to improve your website performance
  • Fixing of compatibility issues between our product and your theme or 3rd-party extensions

Magento Optimization and Performance Improvement Service - Speed up your Magento!


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  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Lifetime free bugfixes
  • Quick and professional support

How to speed up Magento website?

If you Magento is running slow, our Magento Performance Improvement Service is the answer. Optimize your Magento website with the performance optimization service.


Magento Performance Improvement Service will enhance the following areas

  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) is dramatically decreased
  • Merge and minification of JS and CSS files
  • Defer parsing of javascript
  • HTML minification
  • Image optimization without quality loss
  • Fewer requests to a server
  • Page size is reduced
  • CPU and Memory usage tracking in Magento admin panel
  • Email-alerts are sent if CPU usage is too high
  • PHP and a web-server are configured properly

As a result, your website will become much faster and stable.


TTFB decreasing

Time to first byte (TTFB) is a time period between an initial request to a server and a server response. This is one of the key indicators of web page speed. TTFB should be lower than 1 second.

PotatoCommerce Full Page Cache extension

We use PotatoCommerce Full Page Cache extension to decrease TTFB within our service.
Tip: Use GTMetrix service (see Timing tab) to check the TTFB of your website.

Image optimization without quality loss

Most of page content (about 60%) consists of images Most of the volume of pages (about 60%) is taken by images. It is obvious that compression of images (image optimization) will significantly reduce the total size of web pages.
Our Compressor is able to optimize images of jpg, png and gif types.
Tip: Use GTMetrix service to check whether images are optimized on your Magento store.

Merge and minification of JS and CSS files

Merge is combining files of the same type into a single file. For example, a browser will load one merged CSS-file of 1Mb faster than 5 CSS-files of 200Kb due to fewer requests to a server.
Minification is a process of removing all excess information from JS/CSS files, which reduces the size of the resulting file.
Tip: Use GTMetrix service to check whether JS and CSS files are merged and minified.

Defer parsing of javascript

Parsing of Javascript files takes a great amount of time. However, it’s often not required to parse some Javascript content to render a page. Deferring parsing of none-required Javascript (until it’s required to be executed) enhances overall page speed.

HTML minify

You can improve overall page speed if HTML content of a page will be minified. Minified HTML code is faster delivered, parsed and rendered by the browser.
We use Compressor extension to merge and minify JS/CSS files, provide defer parsing of Javascript and to minify HTML.

Reduced number of requests to a server

Request processing has 4 steps: delivering of a request from a browser to a server, processing the request on the server side, delivering the response to the browser and processing the response on the browser side. Each step takes time. Thus, the more requests a browser makes, the slower the page loading speed is . In addition, our service includes encountering and elimination of unnecessary/unused/duplicated scripts, libraries and other resources.

Page size is reduced

Image optimization, GZIP compression, merge of JS/CSS files, eliminating excess files and CSS/JS/HTML minify allow significantly decreasing overall page size. Obviously, the lower page size is, the faster it is loaded.

CPU and Memory usage tracking. Email alerts to a system administrator.

To understand and analyse the performance of your web-server and Magento, it is crucial to have a tool that allows tracking CPU and Memory usage for the last 30 days (or even more). Our Performance Monitoring Magento extension is used for that purpose. Its detailed reports have the list of top website and system transactions, which is very helpful in determining bottlenecks. In addition, it allows sending emails to notify a system administrator on high CPU load.

PHP and a web-server are configured properly

This service includes key enhancements of a web-server and PHP configuration. For example, it is important to enable mod_expires, mod_gzip (used to accelerate processing of client requests). We can also modify some PHP parameters (memory_limit, max_execution_time, etc.) if necessary.

Roadmap of Magento optimization

  1. Qualified installation of JS/CSS Compressor + Image Optimization, Full Page Cache and Performance Monitoring Magento extensions.
    You will get qualified installation and configuration of our products, free lifetime support and updates.

  2. Fixing of compatibility issues with your theme and 3rd-party extensions
    We fix possible compatibility issues with your web-theme and third-party modules which influence overall performance (please note the service does not include theme optimization or fixing bugs of third-party products as well as CDN configuration, image sprites, images rescaling).

  3. Server tweaks to improve your website performance
    Our technical team provide minor server modifications (e.g. editing .htaccess, php.ini files, and so on) which help receive the best results from your server and Magento platform.


How fast my website will become after Magento Performance Improvement Service is provided?

Thorough investigation is needed to forecast the final result of optimization. It may depend on the following things:

  • Version of Magento platform
  • 3rd-party extensions installed on your store
  • The number of dynamic content on your pages
  • The number of images and their size
  • Whether you have external resources (iframes, scripts and other widgets) on the pages
  • Whether you use CDN
  • Whether you use Redis
  • Whether you use image sprites for small images (icons, swatches)
  • Distance between an average client to your server

Our customers are satisfied with the significant changes on their websites which have been achieved with the help of our performance service. Our qualification and experience in developing Magento products for 6+ years allowed us to release the best optimization extensions on the market. Please have a look at all our reviews at Magento Connect.

Free consultation

Are there any specific requirements to a server?

To provide the service we require Root FTP or SSH access to your server
The service includes installation of extensions, additional server applications, modification of file permissions and server configuration parameters (editing .htaccess, php.ini, enable 'exec' function, change 'max_execution_time' etc.). That is why, it is necessary for us to have such access.

How quickly can PotatoCommerce provide Magento Performance Improvement Service?

Usually it takes 1-3 days to start working on the service and 1-3 days to finish. The exact time depends on our technical team current workload. But you can be sure, we will do our best to provide the service as soon as possible without delays and our support team will keep you informed regarding the whole process.

How is my personal data secured?

We guarantee that we do not provide your access credentials to any 3rd party. Surely, we can sign NDA if it is obligatory in your company. You can learn more at Privacy Policy page.

Do you provide discounts for development agencies?

We provide 25% lifetime discount for development agencies. Learn more.

Do you provide money back guarantee?

Sure, we provide 30 day money back guarantee if our extensions and services do not meet your needs. However, please note, you can get the money back only after we uninstall all the extensions and rollback all the changes provided within the service.
Please note, if the service does not meet your needs, only partial refund can be issued. Our service includes not only the licenses of the extensions, but also the extra work of our technical specialist which cannot be refunded. If you have ordered the service for Magento CE, 200USD will be refunded; for Magento EE it will be 400USD.

Do you provide support after the optimization?

Yes, we provide free and lifetime support of our paid extensions, besides, you can get the latest versions of Compressor and Full Page Cache extensions if any is released. For more details please go to Customer Service page.

Let’s sum it up

Included in the service:

  • Compressor extension license
  • Full Page Cache extension license
  • Performance Monitoring extension license
  • Free and lifetime qualified technical support of our products
  • Free installation and configuration of the extensions
  • Basic server tweaks for better server work (e.g. editing .htaccess, php.ini files, and so on).
    It takes much time and requires a qualified technical specialist to configure a server and all installed modules properly. These tasks are not trivial as it may seem at first sight. Each store is unique and has a great variety of 3rd-party modules and themes. Sometimes, configuration of our extensions and server may take up to 8 hours.
  • Fixing compatibility issues with your theme and 3rd-party extensions.
  • On top of that, we can fix small issues of the theme which affect overall performance. Our service does not include theme optimization, but if you need such service, you can additionally contact us for a quote.
  • Full report of completed work:
    • A list of modified files;
    • 'before/after' reports for homepage, category and product pages, so that you can compare the final result with the initial state;
    • A list of our recommendations for further performance improvement.

Not included:

  • Theme customization
  • Fixing bugs of 3rd-party extensions
  • CDN configuration
  • Making image sprites

By purchasing this service you thereby accept all our regulations, the License Agreement and the Sales and Refund Policy.

Who is Potatocommerce?

Everything started in 2009-2010 when 5 guys from Belarus began developing and supporting extensions for Magento. In 2014 we decided to set up PotatoCommerce company. Now our company is mainly focused on solutions for Magento performance improvement.

PotatoCommerce - Magento Extensions

Sales, Refund and Support policy

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5 Reviews

Average rating

Fantastic! A Must for Any Magento Store

Posted by Ken D. on Oct 4, 2017
My CE store achieved amazing GTMetrix results from this service. We have around 10,000 products in a couple hundred category and our store absolutely hums.

The support is among the best I've experienced in my 20+ years in ecommerce. They really seemed dedicated to making sure everything is working perfectly. We were in a time crunch with our latest launch, and the PotatoCommerce developers were extremely responsive with every issue that I came across. More than once they worked late into the night helping me get my Magento store working like a well-oiled machine.

These guys are truly experts in Magento site optimization and I highly recommend their performance optimization service.

Excellent Services - Highly recommended

Posted by shahzad on Jul 21, 2017
We have online store and due to magento so much issue for slow loading, but after installing the extension and the support they provided, our online store is now best optimized. Their team even identify the issue with our website and resolve them. Highly recommended. a must have app for all magento website.

Good backup and support

Posted by Luca ionut on Jun 8, 2017
They help me with fixing more problems than instaling the extension and optimization.
Good support thats for sure

Excellent Product, Exceptional Service!

Posted by sososerious on Aug 31, 2016
Purchased their Magento Website Performance Improvement Service with included FPC & JS & CSS Compressor. These extensions alone have exceeded my expectations My website now loads in 2 seconds previously 8+ seconds.
As part of this turn key optimization process with some additional Customization Units the guys dived deep into my code looking for bad code and fixed the issues, installed Redis Cache and optimized my server. My server was consistently stressing at 80-99% CPU with 3 cores now it cruises below 40% CPU.
I can't praise the team enough, they have literally saved me thousands. They are definitely my GoTo team in times of technical need, highly recommended.
Prompt professional service A+

Excellent Performance Improvement Service

Posted by purenz on Feb 28, 2016
Potato JS & CSS Compressor provides a significant improvement and stable result. Highly friendly and professional support. Highly recommend.

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