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Login as Customer


Extension allows store administrator to login into frontend as certain customer from Order or Customer page. Admin permissions for "Login as Customer" button.

  • Login from Customer page
  • Login from Order page
  • Admin permissions for the button
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime free support, bugfixes and updates.

Login as Customer Magento Extension - Browse website with customer's eyes. Extension allows admin to login into Magento frontend as certain customer from Order or Customer page. Admin permissions for "Login as Customer" button.

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  • "Login as Customer" button at Customer Page
  • "Login as Customer" button at Order Page
  • Extension Settings

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  • 60-day money-back period
  • free updates
  • free bugfixes
  • free technical support

Login as customer in just one click

As a store administrator who often communicates with customers, you probably have to solve some issues in Customer Account or on a checkoutI. Such issues can be solved more quickly if you try to reproduce them from the account of the client who faced the issue. Surely, you can ask this user to share with you his login details, but this is not the most pleasant moment for the user. Also you can change the user's password from the admin panel, but it will also cause inconvenience to the client, as his password will be reset, and then he will have to set a new password.

It is always important to keep your customers satisfied. In a perfect world, such issues need to be solved quickly and without unnecessary communication.

And we have found a solution. Login as Customer Magento extension allows you to quickly login into the user's account using a special button in the Magento admin panel. No more rain dance, everything happens in just one click. Of course, the user's password remains unchanged.

Extension Features

Login as Customer button

You can find Login as Customer button on Order and Customer pages in Magento Admin Panel

Restrict Permissions

Specify admin roles who can use the "Login as Customer" feature. This option is very easy to setup as you don't have to modify each admin role to configure permissions.

Clean code

Our extension has been developed according to best development practices. Login as Customer module is used on hundreds of Magento stores, and we have never been reported about any compatibility issues.

FREE tech support

As you may now, PotatoCommerce provides free and lifetime technical support. Therefore, there is no any addiotional payments in the future. Besides, you will get lifetime extension updates as well.

Login as Customer Magento Extension
Login as Customer Magento Extension
Login as Customer Magento Extension
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2 Reviews

Average rating

Great support

Posted by Eugene on Apr 28, 2018
We have Magento 1.14.2 Enterprise. Login As Customer works perfectly for us. I contacted PotatoCommerce about a minor issue, and Potato team prepared a patch within a day. Awesome guys!

Great product

Posted by Lucas on Aug 11, 2016
This is a great product. I installed it on Magento 1.8 and everything is alright. Admin permissions is a useful feature for us as we have many types of admin users, and we want to keep customer orders private.

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Magento CE1.5.*, 1.6.*, 1.7.*, 1.8.*, -, 1.9.3*
Magento EE1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.*, -, 1.14.3.*
Compatible BrowsersChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8+


  1. We recommend you to backup your store before installation
  2. Go to magento admin and disable compilation (Systems > Tools > Compilation > 'Disable' button) and flush store cache (System > Cache Management > 'Flush Magento Cache' button)
  3. Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive.
  4. Copy the content of extracted folder to your store's root directory
  5. Flush store cache again
  6. Log out from the backend and log in again.
  7. If you want to enable compilation, then you should run compilation process (Systems > Tools > Compilation > 'Run Compilation Process' button).
  8. Go to extension configuration (System > Configuration > PotatoCommerce Extension > Login as Customer), enable and configure the extension
  9. Flush store cache again


After the extension installation my store gives error or a blank page.
Go to Magento Backend, Flush Store Cache (System > Cache Management> 'Flush Magento Cache' button), Logout and Login again.

I need additional functionality.
Please contact our support. If we like the idea we can implement this in next release or do customization just for you.

Is this extension compatible with SUPEE-6788 security patch?
Yes, this extension is compatible with the patch since 1.0.2 version.

If FAQ did not help you, please, contact us with detailed information about your issue.

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