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Integration of our "Sales New and Stock Filters" module with Amasty's "Improved Layered Navigation extension

Posted on 19 January 2017

"Sales New and Stock Filters" and Amasty's "Improved Layered Navigation" extensions are now compatible!

Our "Sales New and Stock Filters" extension is designed to work with Magento's native faceted search. But, due to the huge popularity of Amasty's Improved Layered Navigation module, we have made our module to work with it as well. Please note that we can guarantee that our module is compatible with Amasty's module of 2.9.7 version onlyIf Amasty will change their module, then some modifications from our side may be needed. 

Please don't forget to update the list of Amasty Improved Navigation filters. To do that please go to Catalog > Improved Navigation > Filter and click on "Load" button.  After pressing the"Load" button, the filters were added to the Filters list and displayed. 

The message "There is a conflict (s) with some other extension: class Potato_Salesnew_Model_Layer_Filter_Amasty_Attribute." arises from the fact that our extension interferes with work Amasty Improved Navigation, adding his filters. This message does not affect the performance of both extensions. There is no 'conflict' actually, it is just a notification.   



Workflow to add-remove our filters Amasty's Improved Layered Navigation Navigation

1) Add all filters:
1.1) System -> Configuration -> Sales and New Filters. Enable filters and customize its labels.
1.2) Catalog -> Improved Navigation -> Filters. Click the "Load" button. Filters with codes po_new, po_sales, po_stock and specified labels will appear.

2) Do not display filter in the LN:
System -> Configuration -> Sales and New Filters. Set Enabled to No.

3) Update labels of the filter.
System -> Configuration -> Sales and New Filters. Just edit and save the extension settings.