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Full Page Cache + Cache Crawler

(v.1.6.2 + 1.0.6)

This trustworthy FPC extension will significantly speed up your Magento store.

Benefits: reduce server load, decrease page load time (TTFB) and therefore enhance website google ranking and sales conversion.

  • Significantly speeds up your website. 150ms time to first byte are real! See our demo for the proof
  • Cache crawler to keep cache always warmed
  • Decreasing server load and reduces hardware requirements
  • Easily add a block/page to exceptions list
  • Per page statistics
  • Clean code

Lifetime free support, bugfixes and updates.

Cache Crawler is also available for Magento 2.

Full Page Cache - Magento Extension. Improve your Magento website speed. Full Page Cache extension reduces server load, decreases page load time and thus enhances website google ranking, increases sales conversion.

7 screenshots: click to zoom
  • Our tests for 100 simultaneous visitors
  • Full Page Cache at System > Cache Management
  • FPC Configuration > General
  • Crawler Configuration > Priorities
  • Crawler Configuration > Advanced Settings
  • FPC Configuration > Debug Mode
  • Cache Hit/Miss statistics at System > Cache Management

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  • 60-day money-back period
  • free updates
  • free bugfixes
  • free technical support

Don't make people wait
with Full Page Cache Magento extension

Each visitor of a web-store is a potential buyer. It is very important to load a webpage as fast as possible because a potential buyer can leave your website because of slow website performance. The main purpose of Full Page Cache (FPC) extension is to prepare cached version of Magento storefront pages. In other words, the extension is aimed to provide the minimum response time (Time to First Byte, TTFB).

Magento low speed

The TTFB of a basic (“clean”) installation of Magento is about 2 seconds. If you install any popular custom frontend theme, then TTFB will be about 10 seconds. FPC extension remarkably decreases TTFB. Sales conversion depends directly on load time because a delay in page load may result in losing customers. That’s why installation of Full Page Cache extension is a must today.

Why should you choose Full Page Cache by PotatoCommerce

The main difference of our Full Page Cache Magento extension from its analogs is that we always improve it. FPC is one of our strategic products, and we invest a lot in it. We receive valuable customer feedback and we do our best to consider it in the development.

Technical aspects:

  1. Really fast — Our Full Page Cache is a reliable and robust solution to significantly speed up your Magento store. We've chosen an implementation that is focused on reaching minimum TTFB (time to first byte, response time in other words);
  2. Cache Crawler — Our FPC extension has built-in Cache Crawler, while some other vendors ask you to purchase a separate extension, which is obviously must be a part of FPC extension. Our Cache Crawler works fast as it warms most popular pages first, thus your top pages will be cached first, if cache flushed or expired. In addition, our Cache Crawler uses innovative algorythm of effective usage of system resources.
  3. API — Easy-to-use and well-documented FPC API User Guide, that allows to easily make a compatibility with 3rd-party extensions;
  4. Cache control — We devoted sufficient attention to cache control — flush cache by tag and events, cache size;
  5. We also recommend switching to our FPC if you use Magento Enterprise as our extension works faster and have more useful features than the built-in FPC module in Magento Enterprise.

Customer service:

  1. Pricing — The price of our FPC extension is fair and affordable for anyone. One-time payment.
  2. Support — We offer free and lifetime support. We are always ready to give an advice or fix technical issue such as incompatibilities with Magento theme or 3rd-party module.
  3. Installation — Unlike most of our competitors, we don't charge our clients for installation and extension configuration.
  4. Unlimited updates — Purchase once and use forever. We don't limit products updates so you can upgrade to a latest version at any moment.
  5. Trial — You can request a refund within 30 days if our product does not work for you.

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Speed up your website

Reduce TTFB (time to first byte) and therefore significantly decrease a time needed to prepare a requested web page.

PotatoCommerce Full Page Cache extension

Full Page Cache Crawler

Cache can be cleared or expired. To keep cache always warmed you need to have an automatic crawler which emulates visiting each cacheable page of your website and, therefore, generates cached content for real customers. Full Page Cache extension has a built-in Cache Crawler, so that you don’t need to purchase Cache Crawler separately. Our crawler is definitely off the charts because our cache warmer extension has CPU overload prevention and crawling priority features. Thus, your top pages will be cached first if cache flushed or expired.

Decrease server load

Returning cached version of a webpage is an easier operation for web-server than generating an entire web-page. Full Page Cache reduces server load when it's live. In its turn, it generates more revenue due to bounce rate decreasing.

Easily exclude any block/page from caching

Sometimes you need to exclude some none-native block from caching. The extension API allows making compatibility with any 3rd-party extension easily.

Statistics: Per page, cache hit&miss

Cache status and hit/miss statistics will let you know if FPC is working properly. Moreover, the extension have indicators which display the current CPU and cache warm-up conditions.
Check out our Advanced Performance Reports extension if you need historical statistics for CPU and RAM load.

Split cache

Usually, some content is common but may differ a little. With our FPC extension you can split cache by for customer group, currency, http/https, desktop/mobile, store views and even specified user-agents.

Free and lifetime technical support

Unlike other developers of Magento extensions, we offer you a guarantee that you will not stay with compatibility issues on your own. We will help you for free at any time.

Clean code

We've been developing Magento extensions since 2010. And we are fans of clean and effective code. Our huge experience and positive customer feedback allows us to claim that our extensions are of very good quality.

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How quick my website will be after installation of your Full Page Cache extension?

There a lot of Full Page Cache extensions on the market, but all of them toward one goal - improve the Time to First Byte. The final loading time depends on many parameters, and TTFB is one of the most important ones. However, most of the extension providers mislead potential customers by promising improbable results. To reach best results, improving TTFB may be not enough - you need to optimize many other things (learn more in this article).

You can try this simple test to estimate expected performance of our FPC extension:

  • Save some web-page (e.g. home page) as HTML to root folder of your Magento installation on your server.
  • Open this saved page (like www.yourwebsite.com/yoursavedpage.html) in your browser and measure TTFB value (you can use gtmetrix.com service to generate a report, then go to "waterfall" tab to see the TTFB). Let's consider this TTFB value as a reference for your server, because server returns a ready-made content. This value can be improved only by web-server optimization.
  • The estimated expected loading speed after installation of our FPC extension is the reference + 100ms. We believe that you can admit that it's a great value for a website on Magento platform.
How does the FPC Crawler work? How can I make pages cached?

Pages are cached automatically when a user open a page of your website in browser, or when page visit is emulated by FPC Cache Crawler. Cache Crawler uses Magento cron to automatically generate cache of pages. Our extension is generating cache for the most popular pages first. Learn more →

Do you offer a trial period?

We don't offer trial periods. However, we offer 30-day money back guarantee.

Do you offer support and installation?

Yes, it comes with free installation and free lifetime support. To learn more please refer to our customer service policy.

Is it compatible with Redis and your JS/CSS Compressor extension?

Of course, our extension works with Redis for Magento. JS/CSS Compressor Magento extension will be a must-have addition to any Magento website. It works with Full Page Cache like a charm. Our FPC extension is compatible with all caching tools that are supported by Magento and configured at app/etc/local.xml.

How to exclude certain block from caching (hole-punching feature)?

Please refer to the FPC API User Guide. If you are a techy guy or if you have a developer, then the issue can be easily fixed within 5 minutes. But if you don't, then drop us a line and we will make a solution shortly.

Do I need to flush cache every time I save a product?

No. Cache lifetime is 3 days by default. Cache can be flushed manually (using interface on Cache Management page) or automatically upon the following events:

- Save/Delete product (flushing product page cache and category page cache where this produce is visible)
- Save/Delete category (flushing category page cache )
- Save/Delete CMS Page (flushing cms page cache )
- Review save (flushing product page cache and category page cache where this produce is visible)
- Product attributes update (flushing product page cache and category page cache where this produce is visible)
- Product stock update (flushing product page cache and category page cache where this produce is visible)
- Flush of images cache (Flush Catalog Images button)
- Flush of CSS and JS cache (Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache button)

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24 Reviews

Average rating

Support is excellent

Posted by Carlos on Sep 25, 2018
The support is excellent and the product, very recommended!

Great Extension and Great Assistance

Posted by Kendell on Aug 21, 2018
we have been using the extension for almost 2 months and our store is very large (https://shopssltt.com) , it was definitely a challenge getting the crawler features etc to work to our liking however thanks to the great support especially from Anastacia , we were able to have the extension customize to adapt to our usage in our large ecommerce store.

we are pleased with the purchase and hope to continue with potatocommerce :)

I definitely use potatocommerce fpc

Posted by Szymon on Apr 26, 2018
previously I was using extendware fpc
now i got this module
no annual payment, good speed
I definitely use potatocommerce fpc

Awesome product

Posted by Artashes Mkrtchyan, CEO at vecto.it on Jan 30, 2018
We looked at many FPC plugins and finally found Potato FPC, which is work very correctly, fast and reliable.
Crawler works perfect. Many options to balance server load and prioritize the warmer work.
Very quick support from the team.
Finally strongly recommend this plugin.

Excellent service

Posted by Franco on Aug 1, 2017
I've tested quite a few FPC extensions, this one is the one that best fitted our needs.
Customer service and post sale assistance /support is absolutely at top.
Thank you guys, I'll definitely buy from you again

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Magento CE1.5.*, 1.6.*, 1.7.*, 1.8.*, -, 1.9.3*
Magento EE1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.*, -, 1.14.3.*
Compatible BrowsersChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8+

Installation guide

  1. We recommend you to backup your store before installation
  2. Go to magento admin and disable compilation (Systems > Tools > Compilation > 'Disable' button) and flush store cache (System > Cache Management > 'Flush Magento Cache' button)
  3. Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive.
  4. Copy the content of extracted folder to your store's root directory
  5. Flush store cache again
  6. Log out from the backend and log in again.
  7. If you want to use Cron for cache warming, then you need to make sure that cron is set up.
  8. install new cron job:
    */5 * * * * /website path/shell/potato/warmer.sh
  9. Set permission 755 on files:
    /website path/shell/potato/warmer.sh
    /website path/shell/potato/warmer.php
    /website path/shell/potato/queue.php
  10. If you want to enable compilation, then you should run compilation process (Systems > Tools > Compilation > 'Run Compilation Process' button).
  11. Go to System > Cache Management and enable 'Potatocommerce Page Cache'.
  12. Flush store cache again

Update Full Page Cache to the latest version

IMPORTANT! Since 1.6.0 version of product, Full Page Cache extension has been split to 2 extensions: Full Page Cache an Cache Crawler. Surely, the installation package comes with 2 extensions - Full Page Cache itself and a separate Cache Crawler extension. Installation steps have also been changed. Please remember to install a new cron job:

*/5 * * * * /website path/shell/potato/warmer.sh

And set 755 permssions on these files:

/website path/shell/potato/warmer.sh
/website path/shell/potato/warmer.php
/website path/shell/potato/queue.php
  1. Go to "My account" > "My Downloadable Links" and download the latest release of Full Page Cache extension
  2. Disable Compilation (System > Tools > Compilation > Disable);
  3. Unzip the package and copy extension files (overwrite old files);
  4. Flush cache;
  5. Enjoy!


How can I make all pages cached?

Pages are cached when:
1. A visitor opens an uncached version of a page in a browser.
2. Cache Crawler opens an uncached version of a page.

Please remember to check that Cache Crawler is configured properly and cronjob is created. See the installation guide above, and extension settings description below.
After installing "Full Page Cache" extension my store gives error or a blank page.

Go to Magento Backend, Flush Store Cache (System > Cache Management > 'Flush Magento Cache' button), re-login to Magent Admin Panel.
There is a block at my website that does not update correctly. How can I fix it? How to exclude block from caching?

Please refer to FPC API User Guide. If you are a techy guy or if you have a developer, then the issue can be easily fixed within a couple of minutes. But if you don't, then drop us a line and we will make a solution shortly.
How to calculate the time required to warm cache for all pages?

You can calculate expected cache warming time this way:
calculate expected time to cache all pages
Expected time is an estimated time of continuous work of the Cache Crawler in seconds.
For example, if an uncached page is loading within the 8s, it requires 36 hours to open and cache 16181 pages by 2 CPU cores, and 18 hours to cache 16181 by 3 cores, etc.
Please remember to calculate a total number of pages correctly. For example, if you have 10 pages and you want to create cache for 5 customer groups, then total number of pages = 10*5 = 50. If you have 2 currencies, then number total of pages will be doubled. Et cetera.
The good news is, it is possible to set up pririties for Cache Crawler in order to cache most important pages first.
How to speed up cache warming (crawling)?

Effective from FPC 1.6.0, the Cache Crawler logic has been changed to automatically adjust cache warming speed according to server capabilities and current CPU load. This makes crawling as fast as possible.
However, cache warming time can be decreased by decreasing page loading time, for example: optimize website theme, eliminate/optimize/replace slow 3rd-party modules, decrease number of use external resources, use CDN, use JS/CSS Compressor, optimize images, use Redis, etc. Please refer to Magento Performance Optimization guide to learn more about Magento optimization.

Where can I check log of Cache Crawler?

First, enable the "Enable Crawler Logging" option in System > Configuration > Cache Crawler. Log file of Cache Crawler can be found here - var/log/po_crawler.log

How to uninstall the Full Page Cache extension?

To uninstall FPC extension please do the following:
1. disable compilation
2. disable cache
3. flush cache
4. delete files of FPC and Cache Crawler extensions
5. drop extension tables:

DROP TABLE po_fpc_storage;
DROP TABLE po_fpc_popularity;
DROP TABLE po_fpc_statistics;

FPC Settings

Path to FPC settings: System > Configuration > Full Page Cache


Max. Cache Size (Mb) – This option specifies the maximum cache size. 500Mb is usually enough for an average website (up to 20k products). The more the value, the more pages can be cached.

Use Mobile Detect – If enabled, then cache will be separated for mobile and desktop devices. Our extension uses MobileDetect library to detect mobile devices. Enabling this option is needed if you use a different theme for mobile devices. If your theme is responsive, then enabling this feature is not required. Please note, that enabling this option will double cache size.

Separate Phone/Tablet Devices – If enabled, then mobile cache will be separated on mobile & tablet cache. Please note, that enabling this option will increase cache size.

Flush Cache Automatically When – defines the conditions when cache is deleted automatically because of irrelevance.

Cronjob for clear cache by catalog rule – flushes cache for those pages and categories for which catalog rules have been expired.

General Settings


Enable Page Cache Debug – This option enables a block on storefront that displays TTFB each time you refresh a page:

Ip Address(es) (comma separated) – Specify IP Address(es) here to display this block only for particular visitors.

Block name hints – Display name of blocks on the storefront.

Debug Mode Settings

Cache Management

Cache Status

The path to full page cache management is System > Cache Management. This page contains a detailed information about cache state and its size. Cache is grouped by store-view, customer group and currency, http/https and desktop/mobile.
You can also flush cache by some tag at this page.

You can also track Cache Crawler performance using "cache hit/miss" statistics. Red blocks show number of views with Cache Miss. Blue blocks show number of views with Cache Hit.

Hit Miss Cache Statistics

Cache Crawler Settings

Path to Cache Crawler settings: System > Configuration > Crawler


Enabled – Enable/disable Cache Crawler.

Acceptable CPU Load, % – To prevent high CPU load, the crawling process will be paused if CPU load is greater than this value..

Crawler Settings

Crawler Priorities

Store Priority – This option is used to specify priorities of crawling for Magento stores.

Run Crawler For Page Type(s) – This option is used to specify priorities of crawling for group of pages.

Run Crawler For Currency(ies) – This option is used to specify priorities of crawling for currencies.

Run Crawler For Customer Group(s) – You can unselect some customer groups at this option if there is no need to cache pages for some customer groups (unused, system, etc.). It will decrease total cache size and the crawling time.

Run Crawler For Protocol(s) – Select all if you want to cache HTTPS pages (not recommended).

Crawler Settings

"Advanced" settings

User Agents Used for Crawling Pages – The user agent which warm your cache. You can play with this option to warm mobile cache only, for example.

Source of Page URLs – Use database or sitemap as a source to retrieve URLs for the Crawler..

Use Only Short Product URLs – "No" means that both short and long product URLs will be used by the crawler.

Enable Crawler Logging – Enabling this option will create “var/log/po_crawler.log” file with detailed information about the process. This file contains visited URLs and request parameters.

Add To Queue – Once the button clicked, all pages will be added to the queue for Cache Crawler. It also flushes FPC and media cache.

Crawler Settings

Full Page Cache extension workflow

Extension Flow

  1. A customer requests a page.
  2. Magento loads basic configuration and checks if there is a cache for the requested page.
  3. If the requested page has already been cached, then Magento return cached version of the page.
  4. If the requested page has not been cached yet, then:
           * Magento loads configuration of installed modules and prepares content of the requested page.
           * The prepared page is being cached
           * The page is being returned to the customer.



Cache Crawler changelog can be found here

Full Page Cache changelog:

1.6.2 Released on 13 June 2018
Full Page Cache - Added compatibility with Magento Enterprise

1.6.1 Released on 10 January 2018
Full Page Cache - bug fixes


1.6.0 Released on 24 October 2017
* Bug fixes
Crawler is now a standalone module (included in FPC)


1.5.6 Released on 09 August 2017
* Bug fixes


1.5.5 Released on 02 August 2017
* Bug fix


1.5.4 Released on 31 July 2017
+ Link to FPC API guide added
+ Cron expression configuration added to the extension settings
+ Menu structure improved


1.5.3 Released on 31 July 2017
* Bug fix


1.5.2 Released on 27 June 2017
* Bug fix


1.5.1 Released on 26 June 2017
* Bug fix


1.5.0 Released on 02 May 2017
+ Possibility to use not just the database retrieve URLs for Crawler, but also sitemap.xml.
* Bug fixes


1.4.3 Released on 17 April 2017
* Bug fixes - HIT / MISS incorrect calculation from version 1.4.2


1.4.2 Released on 11 April 2017
* Bug Fixes


1.4.1 Released on 4 April 2017
* Bug Fixes


1.4.0 Released on 1 March 2017
+ Crawler logic improvement
* Bug Fix


1.3.4 Released on 14 December 2016
* Bug Fix


1.3.3 Released on 3 December 2016
* Bug Fix


1.3.2 Released on 02 November 2016
* Bug Fix


1.3.2 Released on 17 October 2016
* Bug Fix


1.3.0 Released on 15 October 2016
+ New option "Block Name Hints"
+ New option "Cache Auto-Refresh By Events"
* Bug Fixes


1.2.0 Released on 06 October 2016
+ Now crawler start warm cache from most popular pages
+ You can view page views statistics and its cache status
+ You can view cache hit/miss statistics  
+ New options for managing crawler
+ Update cached block content without ajax
+ Stability and performance improvements
* Removed crawler daemon
* Bug fixes


1.1.0 Released on 22 April 2016
* Fixed an issue with caching AJAX requests
* Fixed an issue with caching HTTPs pages
* Fixed an issue with AJAX headers
+ Module performance improved
+ Cache management improved (search, flush)
+ Added an interface to flush cache by tag
+ Added “currency” tag to page cache
+ Added desktop/mobile device detection
+ Crawler logic improved. Added an ability to run crawler in daemon mode.
+ Crawler can cache pages for each customer group
+ Fixed an issue with Redis compatibility
+ Added an ability to see cache state and size for each store
+ Added support of widgets as a part of dynamic content
+ Added an ability to use API at app/code/community/Potato/FullPageCache/etc/custom.xml file


1.0.4 Released on 26 November 2015

1.0.3 Released on 03 June 2015

1.0.2 Released on 02 June 2015

1.0.1 Released on 29 March 2015

1.0.1 Released on 25 March 2015



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