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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide installation service?

Installation guides can be found on product pages in the Documentation tab.
If you need our assistance, then please contact us. Installation service is free and included in the extension price.

What is the license type?

Our extensions are paid open source products, which means that you can modify it as per your needs. Please keep in mind that single license give you the right to use the extension on single live Magento installation. You can learn more in End User License Agreement (EULA).

Where can I find installation guides?

Installation guides are available on product pages in the Documentation tab.

Where can I find product changelog?

Changelogs are available on product pages in the Documentation tab.

Where can I find extension user manual?

User Manuals are available on product pages in the Documentation tab.

What is PotatoCommerce VAT number?

PotatoCommerce company is registered as Limited Partnership in Scotland. That means that we pay taxes only in countries of residence of company's founders. In our case it is not EU, and we do not collect VAT information.

Our business details:
Company No.: SL018460
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Town: Aberdeen
Address: 39 Dee Street, Suite 1
Post code: AB11 6DY

Do you offer trial period?

We provide 30 day money back guarantee. So you'll get enough time to evaluate the extension and recieve the money back if it does not meet your needs. Moreover, we provide free installation and technical support, thus you can be sure that the extension will be installed and configured properly by our tech team without any additional costs.

My payment failed. What can I do?

Sometimes our payment engine declines payments without giving a reason. So there is two ways to resolve such a situation: to make several attempts, one of which is likely successful, or to try using another credit card. Contact us if you need our help.

Why your products are not on Magento Marketplace?

There are 3 reasons for that:
1. Magento Marketplace takes 30% commission for each order, and this isn't working for us.
2. Magento Marketplace requires going through a hundred levels of bureaucracy for each extension version. It means that each release submission has many stages of reviews, which requires too much time and effort. That's why we prefer investing our time in developing good products and supporting our clients.
3. Magento Marketplace provides inconvenient user experiense for both developers and merchants.