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Customer Service

Please read the following document containing the Terms and Conditions carefully before using PotatoCommerce.com. By purchasing products from PotatoCommerce, we assume that you read and agree to our terms and conditions.


PotatoCommerce is the copyright holder of all software sold on this site. The copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any products without PotatoCommerce’s permission, is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use any part of our code in whole or part of any other software or product or website.

License Agreement

By purchasing any product (Software) from the PotatoCommerce Store you agree to the following (Agreement):

  • • You will receive extension which code is open. Thus, you'll obtain a License Certificate which will remain valid until the Customer stops using the Product or until PotatoCommerce terminates this License because of Customer's failure to comply with any of its Terms and Conditions. You are allowed to customize our products to fit with your using purpose.
  • • We are the copyright holder of the Software. The software or any portion of it is protected by the law of copyright. If the terms of the Agreement will be violated anyhow, such activity will be prosecuted by the given law. We keep the right to revoke the license of any user who will be an owner of the invalid license.
  • • You have no right to use any part or the whole code of our software in your website or product.
  • • Besides, you may not give, sell, distribute, rent, lease or lend any portion of the Software or Documentation to anyone as well as not place the Software on a server, giving thereby a public access to it.
  • • We have the right of publishing a list of some selected buyers of our Software.
  • • We can use your product reviews and feedback in our newsletter, blog posts and other publications without any preliminary requests.
  • • If any damages (including any loss of profits/saving, data or any other consequences) appear in case of use or inability to use the Software, we are not responsible for it.
  • • We are not responsible for any prosecution that might appear from use of the Software against the law or for any illegal use.
  • • PotatoCommerce Co. has the right to change the terms of that Agreement at any time.
  • • If the use of the Software will be failed by you, it means the Agreement is terminated and the license is not valid anymore.
  • • License agreement remains effective until terminated. We retain the right to terminate your license to use the Software at any time, if in its sole discretion, you are not abiding by the terms of the Agreement, including, but not limited to, obscuring or removing any link or copyright notice as specified in this agreement. You may terminate it at any time by destroying all copies of the Software. Termination of this Agreement does not bind us to return you the amount spent for purchase of the Software.
  • • If you continue to use the Software after PotatoCommerce Co. gives you notice of termination of your license, you hereby agree to accept an injunction to enjoin you from its further use and to pay all costs (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees) to enforce our revocation of your license and any damages suffered by us because of your misuse of the Software.
  • • A single purchase of an extension gives you a single license. A single license allows you to use purchased product on single Magento installation.

Any License violations lead to losing support and extension updates. Moreover, we will make official complaints to your hosting provider to disable your website domain. We will contact Paypal to stop your Paypal account as well.


Installation on multiple Magento installations

You can use a single license for subdomains and TLD domains based on single Magento installation.
For example, if store.com, store.netstore.com/mobile/,  and test.store.com are different websites/storeviews of single magento installation, then it does not violate the License Agreement.
You can use our module for testing purposes (without going live for commercial use) without any limitations. But if you apply a single license to multiple live Magento installations, then we consider this as the License infringement.

Product Update

PotatoCommerce does upgrade regularly to meet new requests from customers or make our products work with later versions of Magento. Customers purchased a product from PotatoCommerce will get the updated versions for Free by logging in our store and go to My account > My downloadable products page. Follow or twitter for the updated information.


Customer Support

PotatoCommerce offers lifetime support free for all of our paid products. Support includes answering questions related to our products, bug/error fixing to make sure our products work well at your site exactly like our demo. Support does not include customizing our product to fit your own needs; customization request will require some fee (basically $50/hour).  To ask for support or report bugs, please submit a ticket to our Support system. Please kindly understand that tickets that arrive at our weekend will be processed when we’re back to office on next Monday (GMT+3).
To learn more about our available services please read this article.  

Paid extensions
Non-free products (base price >$1 for Community Edition) come with full lifetime support. See details above. 

Free extensions
Products with zero base price for Community Edition come without support. However, they come with free lifetime updates. You can purchase support for free extensions if you need support at extension product page (select "Support" product option).
If you purchase Enterprise version of a free extension (EE versions are not free), then it does not give you support. You still need to select support product option to receive any support. 


Payment policy

  1. You are free to choose the most appropriate way to pay for your extension. You can pay for your extension with major credit cards, or you can use PayPal account for payment process.
  2. All payments are under protection of refund policy. More information about refund policy you can read below.


We offer 30-day money back guarantee for all of our products. You can get a full refund if you are not fully satisfied with our product during 30 days after your purchase. Please submit a ticket with your order information to our ticket system to request refund. You will receive refund within 7 days since your request is confirmed.
All refund requests after 30 days are not accepted. Please remember that we will not refund any fee you paid for installation and customization services. 
More information about refund policy you can read at sales and refund policy section. 

Changes to this privacy policy

Please note that these Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. PotatoCommerce reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Regardless, we will post any Terms and Conditions changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.

These Terms and Conditions go into effect on 31th Oct 2014.