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Cache Crawler


Cache Crawler extension is used to generate cache for Full Page Cache solutions, Magento Cache and Varnish .

  • High CPU load prevention
  • Multipurpose cache crawler
  • Support of customer groups, multiple currencies, https, etc.
  • Configure crawler priorities
  • Free & lifetime support and updates

Cache Crawler extension is used to generate cache by Magento Cache, Varnish, and Full Page Cache solutions.

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  • Cache Crawler extension settings - General
  • Cache Crawler extension settings - Priorities
  • Cache Crawler extension settings - Advanced

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  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Lifetime free bugfixes
  • Quick and professional support

Deliver the content fast with PotatoCommerce Cache Crawler and streamline shopping experience of your customers!

There have been so many blog posts and articles written about cache and it is not a secret that web pages caching speeds up their load. Caching stands for storing reusable responses so to make subsequent requests faster. But for a page to be cached, it should be opened first. If you flush cache or cache gets expired, your store visitor will have to wait so long till a server processes all the requests from a browser and only then delivers content. This surely not only impairs user experience, but also load the processor.

Every shopper would prefer the shopping process to go smoothly. And with Cache Сrawler in your hands the process of cache warming will be performed by our module, not by your store-visitor.


High CPU load prevention

You know that high CPU load may make the requestы slower or even lead to a reboot if CPU is critical.
Our Cache Crawler has such an option which immediately stops cache warming in case the CPU load will get higher than defined by the Acceptable CPU Load parameter.

Priority of cache generation

The process of generating cache may take some time, that’s why some pages which are most popular among your customers should be cached firstly. You can set up priorities which specify which pages should be cached first thing.

Cache Crawler Magento extension priorities

Multipurpose cache crawler

You can use this solution from PotatoCommerce for generating cache for any FPC extension on the Magento market (PotatoCommerce, Amasty, Mirasvit, etc.) as well as for FPC of Magento Enterprise and even Varnish cache. It uses CURL requests which emulates a real customer visiting of web-pages.

Indication of warming speed, current CPU load and warming progress

These three most important indicators show the CPU and cache warm-up conditions.

Cache Crawler Magento extension priorities

Automatic selection of the warm-up rate depending on the CPU load

Our Cache Crawler automatically monitors and controls the warm-up speed based on the current CPU load. Crawler speed depends on page loading time and number of CPU cores. This feature guarantees that crawling process works as fast as possible without overloading your system.

Generate cache for different customer groups, currencies, page types, http/https protocol

The content of pages may differ for various customers or store views, etc. That’s why we have made the Crawler the way it can generate cache for miscellaneous customer groups, currencies, page categories, http - protocol, user agent of a browser.
Moreover, you can set up generating a separate cache for any required user-agent, for example Crawler can emulate visiting pages by customers for a mobile device (smartphones, tablets).
If you’d like to reduce cache amount, you can disable cache for unnecessary options.

Specify the source of page links

By default our FPC Crawler uses Database for caching pages. However, you can specify your sitemap or any other XML file to define a list of URLs which need to be cached.
Besides, every product can have not only long URLs, but also short ones. Modules consider such links as different as they have different headers. Therefore, if you do not have any redirects, PotatoCommerce Full Page Cache Crawler can cache both long and short URLs of products.

Add pages to the re-crawl queue automatically

If product, catalog or CMS pages have been updated, cache becomes irrelevant. Our cache warmer will add such updated pages to the queue so that they will be cached anew. For example, if you update and save a product in the Magento backed, this product page and all categories to which this product belongs will be added to the crawl queue.

Already included in Full Page Cache by PotatoCommerce

Many tests have shown that PotatoCommerce Full Page Cache is the best choice if you need a fast extension and a reliable support. Surely, the Cache Crawler extension is already included in the Full Page Cache extension so that you don’t need to purchase 2 extensions.

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    Magento CE1.5.*, 1.6.*, 1.7.*, 1.8.*, -, 1.9.3*
    Magento EE1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.*, -, 1.14.3.*
    Compatible BrowsersChrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8+


    1. Unix OS
    2. Php "exec" function
    3. Php "sys_getloadavg" function
    4. Php "curl" function


    1. Disable compilation
    2. Upload package files
    3. Refresh cache
    4. Re-login to admin panel
    5. install new cron job:
      */5 * * * * /website path/shell/potato/warmer.sh
    6. Set permission 755 on files:
      /website path/shell/potato/warmer.sh
      /website path/shell/potato/warmer.php
      /website path/shell/potato/queue.php


    1.0.1 (10 January 2018)
    * bug fixes

    1.0.0 (24 October 2017)
    Initial release

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