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Zendesk and Intercom with Magento 2

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Zendesk and Intercom with Magento 2

Posted on 21 January 2019

Among Magento 2 users, Zendesk is currently one of the top CRM systems in the game. It provides all the necessary instruments for communication with customers and collection and analysis of information. In this article, we want to compare Zendesk with a potentially best solution for Magento 2 - Intercom, which is getting more and more popular now.

Let’s look at the main features Zendesk offer:
  • Support - simple system for tracking, prioritizing and solving customer support tickets
  • Guide - knowledge base for user and agents
  • Chat - live web chat
  • Talk - call center with a ticketing system
  • Connect - interaction with customers via Email, Website, SMS, iOS/Android notification system and others ( Webhooks)
  • Explore - reports
  • Sell - transaction manager

All these products can be more or less used with Magento 2.

Now it is Intercom’s turn in the hot seat:
  • Help center - help desk
  • Business messenger - Chat (chatbots)
  • Transaction manager
  • Talk - call center with a ticketing system
  • Built-in reports

The critical difference for Intercom is undoubtedly a set of the apps which can expand its basic functionality as well as synchronize with other CRMs. Thus, Intercom is likely to succeed in the battle of CRMs for Magento 2 by having an ability to get data from other systems including Zendesk and to provide more thorough information on your customers. This tool should be taken seriously if you want to improve the customer experience.

Precisely at this point, we are encountering on the problem. There is no complete solution to integrate Intercom and Magento 2. Currently, M2 clients use external solutions for integration, which add the functionality of Intercom partially to Magento. Generally, it is chat.

Intercom team likely has plans to create such a complete integrative solution for Magento 2 platform. However, they offer to use external services and applications at the moment. When do these plans come true? Who knows.

So sum it up, Zendesk naturally provides fewer features in comparison with Intercom. Intercom could be a leader among all CRMs for Magento 2, but it has no a complete synchronization with the platform. Zendesk has such a solution, and one of the most popular is our Zendesk Connector.