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Magento 2 SSL Certificates — Why Gamble with your Business

Posted on 10 July 2018

We have all heard about it. SSL certificates? These are no longer optional and Google even demotes pages without them. So installing SSL on your Magento site is a must. But can you honestly say you know what is it? How does it work? How does it secure your site?

We have all made online purchases using the different payment gateways. But have we ever thought once if this site is safe and secure. Just imagine a situation – we make a payment transaction on an insecure site and hackers now have our payment or worse bank account details.

Now imagine the other hand of the situation. You are the insecure site that hackers have easily infiltrated. In such a scenario, what happens? Your customers lose faith in your business, you probably get scandalous reviews which definitely lead to drop in sales.

Do you want to gamble with your business? Choose SSL and migrate your HTTP website to the more secure HTTPS. Not sure what HTTPS is, well let’s start this discussion with that and move on to the other burning questions about SSL.

HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which is a traditional method for transmitting data over the internet. HTTP does not use an encryption. So if we are using a website that uses HTTP, hackers can easily take your data including your login details. Any data transferred through HTTP can easy manipulated by third parties. This issue can be resolved by using HTTPS, where 'S' stands for Secure. This protocol secures your sensitive data transferred through the internet. HTTPS makes your data secure with the help of Transport Layer Security protocol which is referred to as SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL gives three layers of security with encryption, data integrity, and authentication.

In encryption, all the data sent will be encrypted and if it is stolen it cannot be decrypted by anyone. Data integrity guarantees that the data cannot be modified by anyone while sending. Authentication verifies the person who is communicating with the website. The SSL Certificate gives you a small green padlock on your website.

Magento 2 HTTPS

When choosing SSL certificates for your Magento site – Lookout for these features:


While choosing a provider you should always be aware of their support. Always go with a provider who gives 24*7*365 days support. Security threats need to be resolved as soon as possible. Any delay usually results in loss of sales, not to mention reputation. Why gamble with your business!

Extended Validation

Choose a provider who offers extended validation. Third party providers don’t provide extended and authenticated validity.

Auto SSL Renewal Reminder

Certain providers don’t provide SSL renewals. Instead their whole focus is on you making a new purchase. Choose a provider that offers renewal. And if there is an auto-renewal system in place, you need not take any extra headache regarding this. Always go with the one who sends reminders about the expiration date beforehand.

Still asking why I need SSL certificates for my Magento Site?

Google consider SSL certificate as a positive ranking signal helps to boost your search engine ranking of your Magento/Wordpress eCommerce site. SSL creates a greater feeling of trust with your customers.


Whatever you transfer to and from the website will be secured with SSL. This will protect your site from third-party attacks.


Trust generates business. The main factor behind the online business is trust. Customers should feel that you are trustworthy. SSL certificate will make visitors to trust you.


Google ranks higher for the website with SSL Certificate. This will helps the users to find out your website easily from SERP.

How to enable or configure SSL in Magento

To setup SSL in Magento 1

  1. In the backend of your Magento 1, Go to System > Configuration.
  2. Then on the left side menu, Under General section, click on ‘web’
  3. Then expand the Secure section and do the following
  4. In the Base URL field change ‘http’ to ‘https’
       Set ‘Use Secure URLs on Storefront’ to ‘Yes’
       Set ‘Use Secure URLs in Admin’ to ‘Yes’
  5. Then Click on ‘Save Config’ button on the right top side
Magento SSL Certificates

To setup SSL in Magento 2

  1. In the backend of your Magento 2, Go to stores > settings > configuration
  2. Then on the left side menu, Under General section, click on ‘web’
  3. Then expand the Base URLs (secure) section and do the following
  4. In the Base URL field change ‘http’ to ‘https’
       Set ‘Use Secure URLs on Storefront’ to ‘Yes’
       Set ‘Use Secure URLs in Admin’ to ‘Yes’
  5. Then Click on ‘Save Config’ button on the right top side
Magento 2 SSL Certificates

Why should I choose Aspiration Hosting?

Aspiration Hosting offers different range of SSL certificates to suit different businesses. That is the number one reason why people love Aspiration Hosting.

  1. Let's Encrypt SSL - AspirationHosting charges 0$/year, and it consists of Very Low Brand Recognition but with No Site Seal.
  2. DV SSL Certificate - AspirationHosting charges 19$/year, and it consists of Low/Medium Brand Recognition and also you will get Static/Dynamic Site Seal.
  3. OV SSL Certificate - AspirationHosting charges 129$/year, and it consists of High Brand Recognition and also you will get Dynamic Site Seal.
  4. EV SSL Certificate - AspirationHosting charges 229$/year, and it consists of Highest Brand Recognition and also you will get Dynamic Site Seal.

Aspiration Hosting specializes in high-performance Cloud hosting services. Their main focus is on Magento Hosting solutions as well as other PHP Applications like Simple Machines Forum (SMF), WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Aspiration Hosting company

What Aspiration Hosting SSL certificates have on Offer?

1. SNI Support

Our servers fully support SNI so you will not need a Dedicated IP to install an SSL Certificate. You can install and use multiple SSL Certificates, including Multi-Domain and Wildcard SSL Certificates without issues.

2. Easy Setup + Installation

Enjoy a hassle-free SSL setup process. Take advantage of AutoInstall SSL system which will allow you to go through the whole setup and installation of a DV SSL Certificate within minutes!

3. HTTP/2 Support

Our servers fully support HTTP/2 out of the box, which provides better performance over the legacy HTTP/1. You will be able to enjoy the improvements of HTTP/2 as soon as you implement HTTPS for your website.

For more details please visit Aspiration Hosting website. Setting up an SSL certificate is an easy process and their technical team will help you at any point. Aspiration hosting provides 24/7 topnotch technical support.

This is a guest post from our partner Aspiration Hosting.
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