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Overview of Magento 2 reviews system and Magento 2 review extensions

Posted on 14 March 2018

One of the problems that hamper the development of online trading is the inability to check the product so to find out if it suits you. Buying things online is still a black box. Indeed, we can not touch a product online, try on ourselves, we can’t smell it, inspect it from all angles, turn it on and check its performance. And Magento 2 stores are no exception here.

Online shoppers use screenshots and product descriptions to get answers to their questions. Unfortunately, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Fitting Rooms are not so widespread as we would like. As a result, online stores are faced with the problem of trust of potential buyers to the items.

In addition, product reviews give a lot of other insights as it’s an experience of real people who have already made a purchase on this site. Many people realise that we can not always trust reviews because good reviews can be faked and bad reviews can be rejected and not published. Still, most users read reviews and trust reviews. The statistics is very impressive - 92% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase, and 84% of online shoppers do trust product reviews. That's why the owners of online stores should pay close attention to product reviews.

What an ideal reviews system should be like?

  • It should be easy to find reviews section on a page. Reviews block (or a link to reviews) should be noticeable above the fold content. Make sure that your Magento 2 theme displays it at the top of a product page.
  • The block with reviews should look appealing - bad design pushes away from reading.
  • The ideal review is accompanied by the author's real name, his photo, a link to the social network, and even customer country. Such reviews look most credible. Unfortunately, we see only the author's name in Magento 2.
  • A perfect review is accompanied by photos. This is especially true for fashion and accessories products.
  • Pros & Cons in reviews helps to quickly assess the value and shortcomings of the product.
  • Surely, the content of reviews should be useful. Encourage users to leave informative feedback through the feedback creation interface.
  • Show the most helpful reviews above. Not all reviews are equally useful. Using rating system helps to sort reviews by helpfulness.

How to increase the quantity and quality of product reviews?

  • Ask users to create reviews - by mail, in the "my orders" section, or try to add a sticker with a QR-code to the package so a recipient can quickly submit a review.
  • Motivate users. if you offer customers a coupon or reward points for submitting a review, then you will kill two birds with one stone. First, you will get more feedback. And secondly, you encourage users to purchase again, thereby increasing your retention rate.
  • Find the best time to send review reminders. Users will not create reviews if their product has not yet delivered. Keep in mind, that the usefulness of the feedback can increase if the buyer had enough time to use the product. However, do not send reminders too late when the customer has already forgotten about the order.

Review system types

We can distinguish three review system types:

  • A review that consists of text that users write. Usually such reviews are accompanied by a simple rating value, for example from 1 to 5 stars.
  • A review in which users do not write a content, but selects parameter values, one of the suggested options. Such reviews provide a more objective picture of a product or service, it can be expressed in figures. Such data can also used for product details. View an example.
  • Mixed type, i.e. when customers can both write a review, and supplement it with some parameters, or vice versa. Creating a review on Booking.com is a good example:

As for Magento 2 platform, users write reviews (a text description is a required field). Usually, it comes with one or more parameters with ratings from 1 to 5. The ratings can be configured at Stores > Attributes > Rating in Magento 2 admin panel.

Magento 2 - submit a review on product page
Magento 2 - moderate review in admin panel

Magento 2 review extensions

Product Reviews & Ratings Magento 2 extension from Aitoc/Mageworx

Price: $125



  • Filter reviews by rating
  • Review helpfulness system
  • Reporting abuse
  • Pros and cons
  • Review reminders
  • Attach images to product reviews
  • Add coupons
  • Add comments to reviews
  • Unsubscribe from review reminders

Advanced Review extension for Magento 2 from BSSCommerce

Price: $79



  • Pros and cons
  • Rating summary block
  • Filter and sort reviews
  • Review helpfulness system
  • Sharing review with friends
  • Report abuse reviews
  • “Will you recommend this to your friends?” option
  • New review notifications
  • Antispam protection

Yotpo reviews for Magento 2

Very popular service. You can use it to add thousands of reviews to your products from other websites if you don’t sell unique products. Will it cause partial duplicate content issue? Well, maybe, we don't know.

Pricing: Free extension for Magento 2, but it requires connection with Yotpo service. Yotpo free plan is very limited and for 50 monthly orders only. Paid plans pricing starts from $25 per month.



  • Attach images to reviews (paid plans only)
  • Rate review helpfulness
  • Create review right from email interface
  • Buyer verification
  • Share reviews
  • Built-in question and answers system (paid plans only)
  • Review reminders
  • Commenting on reviews
  • SEO page - show all reviews on a separate page
  • Reviews carousel (paid plans only)
  • Rich snippets (paid plans only)
  • Coupons (paid plans only)
  • And many more.. You can find more info about Yotpo pricing and features at this page.

Advanced Product Reviews by Intenso

Price: $149-$249



  • Comments
  • Voting system
  • Rating histogram
  • Email notifications
  • Ajax interface and lightbox popup to submit a review
  • Buyers verification system
  • Item images
  • Spam protection
  • Review filters and sorting

Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2 by Solwin Infotech

Price: $49



  • Add an image when submit a review
  • Toplink and footerlink

Advanced Reviews by Aheadworks

Price: $299



  • Create review from email
  • Commenting reviews
  • A block with summary
  • Vote for reviews
  • 'Verified buyer' badge

Facebook Reviews by Magearray

Price: $69


It does not add reviews to product page


  • Display authors’ photo
  • Reviews on separate page, grid/list mode
  • A top link and a footer link to the reviews page

Magento 2 Product Reviews by Landofcoder

Price: Free



  • Review using images
  • Allowed to upload multiple review images
  • Add pros and cons about product
  • Rate the review helpful or not
  • Report Abuse displayed
  • Smartly filtered reviews by star ratings, helpfulness, keywords
  • Configure the review settings in one place
  • Add, edit & delete images gallery
  • Enable And Disable Gallery
  • Friendly Reply from admin
  • Send reminder emails with ease
  • Review Summary included for Admin
  • Multiple languages - RTL supports

PotatoCommerce are planning to develop Magento 2 Reviews extension that will be the most advanced review extension for Magento 2. You can subscribe to our newsletter/Telegram/Facebook/twitter to be informed upon the release of PotatoCommerce Reviews extension for Magento 2.