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Magento 2 CRM integrations

Posted on 12 March 2018

"CRM is a central nervous system of a company"

The business software world is ruled by multipurpose solutions, which are used by everyone: salespeople, telemarketers, tech support, headquarters and even software developers

What is CRM?

CRM is the abbreviation of “customer relationship management". CRM is a way of organizing and running a business, in which customers are treated as the main asset of a company. That’s why a relationship with clients is the essence of company’s activity.

CRM is like Jira for a commercial service: salespeople and marketers track users in the system, create ‘incidents’ (‘deals’ or ‘opportunities’), register business processes, build accountability and count money. Accordingly, CRM accumulates and stores data, helps to exchange it, automates business processes and logs all actions.

From the stakeholders' points of view, the CRM is a tool for managing clients and related information, as well as a way to speed up and streamline all business processes.

The CRM is about detailed info about customers (his previous purchases, viewed products, where he is from, his age and gender, etc.), systematization and automation of pre-sale, and statistics of conversion of leads into sales.

One of the advantages of using CRM is transparency and control over the work of the sales department - it is immediately clear who is responsible for each task and its progress.

Requests and calls of potential buyers are recorded in the database and turn into tasks for sales staff. Storing all requests helps to decrease a number of unregistered and lost requests. As for B2B, it also stores official documents, information about counterparties, and allows to remind users about the terms, change of transaction status, or new invoice.

Benefits of using CRM

  • CRM helps to minimize the damage from mistakes and forgetfulness of personnel.
  • CRM increases profit. The seller has full information about the customer and the sales history. The number of transactions and the speed of the deal are increasing. It's easy to focus on the best deals.
  • CRM reduces costs. Automation of the sales process allows you to automate routine operations, control processes and management of sales staff.
  • CRM improves employee productivity. Managing capabilities, scheduling, and contact tools make it possible to effectively use working time.

Overview of popular CRM solutions for Magento 2

There are two most popular CRM services - SalesForce and ZohoCRM. SalesForce has recently partnered with Google.


Salesforce pricing: $25-300 per user/per month

Salesforce Magento 2 extensions

https://store.magenest.com/magento-2/salesforce-crm-integration.html - from $349
https://www.magesales.com/magento-2-salesforce-crm-integration.html - from $249
https://store.webkul.com/Salesforce-Connector-Magento2.html - from $399


ZohoCRM pricing: $12-100 per user/per month

ZohoCRM Magento 2 extensions:

https://store.magenest.com/magento-2/zoho-crm-integration.html - from $300
https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-zoho-crm-integration-extension/ - No price. Coming soon?
https://codecanyon.net/item/zohocrm-integration-magento-2/19222701 - from $73.


SugarCRM pricing: $40-150 per user/per month

SugarCRM Magento 2 extensions

https://marketplace.magento.com/magenest-module-sugarcrm-integration.html - from $149
https://www.magesales.com/magento-2-sugarcrm-integration-extension.html - from $129

VTiger CRM

VTiger CRM pricing: $10-30 per user/per month

VTiger CRM Magento 2 extensions:

https://store.magenest.com/magento-2/vtiger-integration.html - from $149
https://cmsmart.net/magento-extensions/synchronize-database-magento-with-vtiger-crm - from $159
https://www.magesales.com/magento-2-vtiger-crm-integration-extension.html - from $129
https://www.smackcoders.com/vtigercrm-magento-connector.html - from $299


OroCRM pricing: $59 per user/per month

OroCRM Magento 2 extensions:

There're no known integrations yet. However, you can try SAML.

RetailCRM (Ecomlogic) - Russian CRM

RetailCRM pricing: from $0. Complicated pricing scheme.

RetailCRM Magento 2 extensions:

https://github.com/retailcrm/magento-module - free module on GitHub

InfusionSoft CRM

InfusionSoft CRM pricing: $70-362 per user/per month

InfusionSoft CRM Magento 2 extensions:

There're no known integrations yet.

Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM pricing: $0-99 per user/per month

Insightly CRM Magento 2 extensions:

There're no known integrations yet.

Metrilo CRM

Metrilo CRM pricing: $59-299 per month

Metrilo CRM Magento 2 extensions:

https://marketplace.magento.com/metrilo-analytics-magento2-extension.html - free

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive CRM pricing: $10-63 per user/per month

Pipedrive CRM Magento 2 extensions

There're no known integrations yet. Probably, can work via Zapier or similar thing.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM pricing: $0-2400 per month

Hubspot CRM Magento 2 extensions:

http://www.hubspotintegration.com/canvas/configure.php - free

Agile CRM

Agile CRM pricing: $0-48 per month

Agile CRM Magento 2 extensions:

https://www.agilecrm.com/magento-crm - free

Magento 2 embed CRM extensions

https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/magento/crm-m2 - does not require 3rd-party CRM service. Not a CRM from a classic point of view - it’s focused on follow-ups. From $199.95.

PotatoCommerce are planning to develop Magento 2 CRM extension. You can subscribe to our newsletter/Telegram/Facebook/twitter to be informed upon the release of PotatoCommerce CRM extension for Magento 2.