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PotatoCommerce Affiliate Program

Earn money with us.
Write about our products in your blog, place referral (affiliate) links, and earn money for every order came by your links.

How it works?

It's very simple - you ask us to connect you to our affiliate system, we give you URL parameters that you should use in links to PotatoCommerce website. You could see the number of registered users (referral count), campaign conditions, commission amounts, and all your transactions in your account on this website. We can also provide you with traffic statistics from Google Analytics by request.

Affiliate commission percent

You will receive 10% of all orders. It's not just about the first order, but also about all subsequent customer orders that come from your links. We believe that 10% is a good percent, considering that the price of some of our products can reach $700.
If the referral amount reaches $5000, then we will increase the commission percentage to 15%.
If the referral amount reaches $10,000, then we will increase the commission percentage to 20%.

How do we make payout

Since the fixed commission for money transfers is high enough, we try to make money transfers not too often, by accumulating the payment amount. Usually we make payments at the end of each month if the referral amount has reached a minimum of $50. If the referral amount is less than $50, then we delay the payout to the next month. If you do not manage to collect $50 for three consecutive months, then we will pay the amount you collected. But if you insist, then of course we can make a payment at the end of any month, even if the referral amount is less than $50.

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