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At this moment we have released only one extension for Magento 2, and it's Image Optimizer. More to come!

image optimizer for magento 2

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Our story

PotatoCommerce company was founded in 2013 by Magento Certified Developers from Belarus. We started working with Magento from its early steps - in 2009, and this gave us a very important advantage - experience, which can not be underestimated because Magento platform is a huge and very dynamic world which does not tolerate weak developers.
The main focus of PotatoCommerce company is solutions for Magento and Magento 2 performance optimization. We constantly improve our performance extensions: Full Page Cache, Compressor and Image Optimizer. We do believe that these solutions are the best on the market, at least our tests say so. Our huge experience allowed us to extend this set - now we also provide Magento Performance Improvement Service, Redis Installation and Configuration Service and Magento Performance Monitoring extension (closed beta, official release is planned for May 2017).